Member resource: HCSA releases template response for requests for repayment of Covid-19 wages

HCSA has received worrying reports that Junior Doctors who worked emergency shifts throughout the Covid-19 first wave have subsequently seen attempts by employers to claw back payments.

Our advice to members is to contact our head office or your national officer for assistance if you are in such a situation.

However, HCSA has also produced a template letter which can be issued in response to an employer claim for repayment which requests that they meet minimum requirements.

Doing so is an important way of letting your employer know that they cannot simply request the sum unchallenged, and will assist our team in progressing the case.


Template Letter Repayment Of Salaries

Download this as a PDF


While this letter can be used by any hospital doctor in this position, only existing HCSA members will be able to access advice from our support team. We are not usually able to provide support on issues which predate a member's joining date.