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Mitigation of Litigation & Criminality in Healthcare

BMA House

22 June 2018 - 22 June 2018

Tavistock Square,
London WC1H 9JP

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Mitigation of Litigation & Criminality in Healthcare - Current Issues

This event will examine the possibility of prosecution of health care professionals for gross negligence or in extreme cases manslaughter following fatal errors committed in the course of their duties. Mystery has shrouded around the use of ‘gross negligence’ as a form of criminal liability, and particularly as it applies to health care professions operating in high-risk demanding settings. The recent prosecution and erasure from GMC register of a junior doctor calls for a closer understanding of the processes by which such important decisions are made. The need of the day calls for an investigation into the exercise of discretion by legal profession in interpreting the loosely defined and contested concept of gross negligence which may further extend to manslaughter. 

All healthcare professionals wish to stay away from the the litigation process. Even when their care has been absolutely perfect, the professionals in healthcare experience great anxiety when they are accused of a negligent behaviour towards the patient. Accusation of being negligent strikes at them personally as well as professionally leading to serious financial and professional consequences. This event will look at mitigating possible litigation and in the unlikely event, we will discuss what resources are available for your support and assistance. It is also CPD accredited and five training points will be awarded to all delegates. The GDPR legislation comes into law on 25th May 2018, this does not mean that all healthcare professionals will be aware of and fully understand the new legislation. The GDPR requirements will cover this briefly and provide contacts for future reference. 

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