Get involved: HCSA at TUC Women's conference

National Officer Ro Marsh (pictured) invites more HCSA women to step forward for next year's TUC Women's conference.

A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she’s in hot water.

So proclaimed one of the speakers at the TUC Women's Conference, and there was certainly no shortage of strong women at Congress House for the annual event. 

Other speakers told personal stories, some heart-breaking and causing delegates to wipe away tears, and some broke down from the emotion of telling their stories but carried on telling them anyway. Many took to the rostrum to rally people to the causes which are important to them and to their professional associations and trade unions.

Health services were on the agenda more than once, including a motion on Valuing NHS Staff From the EU. It welcomed the establishment of the Cavendish Coalition – a group supported by HCSA that brings together trade unions and health and social care organisations to highlight the vital contribution of individuals from all nationalities to care delivered in the UK.

Our own delegate, consultant psychiatrist Dr Helen Read (also in this edition: Interview with Dr Read) spoke seconding a motion on the effect on women of cuts to mental health funding.

As always, delegates from the 30 unions who attended were supportive as debates took place around Brexit, the gender pay gap, gender specific violence and many more issues beyond.

● If any women members of HCSA are interested in knowing more about this conference or attending next year’s event in March 2018, contact Ro Marsh.