About this programme

Wellness is vital in promoting healthier lifestyles and attitudes within the workplace. Our Wellbeing Programme webinars will provide you with the tools and knowledge to help you keep your mind and body healthy.

Here’s what some of our attendees said about our webinars:

‘Thank you again. It is a breath of fresh air knowing people are working to highlight what can and should be done to protect everyone from the ongoing Covid risk.’ – Long COVID webinar

‘Very good presentation’ – Healthcare proffesional, Anxiety webinar

‘Good presentation with reasonable knowledge and given the time available, good overview of information given.’ – HCSA member, Bullying and Undermining webinar

‘Great practical advice to use now’ - Anonymous, Anxiety webinar

The Wellbeing Programme is open to doctors and NHS professionals. You do not need to be a HCSA member.



This programme has been supported by grant funding from the Covid-19 Healthcare Support Appeal.